Dialog & ADR

We have the software and hardware to optimize your production sound track and give it that sparkling professional movie sound.

Dialog editing involves finessing the production sound that comes from the editor to a place where it is ready for the final re-recording mix. Each cut, needs to be balanced against the next, crossfaded and evened out correctly, ensuring that the finished sound has the appearance of coming from one complete take.

We are renound for our highly accurate and creative ADR recording sessions - our capacity to seemlessly meld the re-takes with production takes is second to none.

ADR recording involves re-capturing the talents lines in a studio environment as seemlessly as possibly. Having the same energy, and matching the lip-sync are essential if the re-recorded tracks are to fit un-noticed into the original production sound. Correct use of microphones, and computer processing, alongside careful direction of actors allows for this chalenge to be met.

For general inquiries, contact Pangea Music Inc. For a full list of dialog/ADR credits, please visit our Credits page.